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Calonge’s Hills & Wineries
Things to See & Do

5 Wonderful Wineries
of Calonge

The area around the Costa Brava town of Calonge is full of lovely walking trails that just so happen to take you by some excellent wineries.

Some characteristically red Palamós Prawns
Food & Drink

Gambas de Palamós:
Palamós Prawns

Gambas de Palamós is a mark of quality and authenticity guaranteeing that only the finest of prawns fished off the Palamós costa are served.

The wines of Catalunya are making a splash around the world!
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Wonderful Wines
of Catalunya

Spanish wines are amongst the most widely consumed worldwide and certain Catalan wineries produce some of the finest wines in all the land.

Rice, just waiting to be turned into a paella!
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Our Favourite
Spanish Rice Dishes

Even people who have never visited Spain have heard of “paella”, but did you know that there exists a whole plethora of Spanish rice dishes?