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from Netherlands to Palamós

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From Winssen, near Nijmegen in the Netherlands to Palamós in Catalunya, Spain

Paul van Groningen is originally from the small town of Winssen, near Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He has been living in Palamós since 2018.

Why did you leave your country?

I was offered a job here and the idea of living and working on the Costa Brava was very attractive.

What do you do/work at?

I am the Accounts Manager at Greenfood Iberica in Mont-ras, just outside Palamós. We export fruit and vegetables from all over Spain to the Nordic countries.

What do you like most about living on the Costa Brava?

I love the food here, the beach, the town of Palamós where I live, and of course the climate. I also like that everything is nearby; the beach is only a few minutes from my house and I can be in the mountains in an hour, plus Barcelona is only down the road.

Favourite way to spend a day off?

I would start off going for a walk, followed by a little drink on a nice terrace somewhere. In the afternoon maybe walk a little more or head to the beach, and then have dinner in a nice restaurant. My favourite place to eat in town is Bitácora as I really love their food, and I also like Txoko for their tapas. My favourite bar would be The Currach, El Castellet and La Parilla.

Some of Paul’s highlights about life in the Empordà

Do you have one particular favourite place?

La Fosca. It has such a nice beach in the summer, and all year round actually, especially when it’s not too crowded. It’s also nice that it’s within walking distance of where I live in town

What’s your favourite food here?

I really like the calçots that are in season right now and of course getting fresh fish from the fish market.

What do you like most about Catalan culture?

I especially like the Sunday custom of going for a vermut before lunch, and the calçots at this time of year as I mentioned already.

Are your friends here mostly Catalan or foreign?

A mix. The people I work with are from lots of different countries so I have many international friends. I have also met a lot of local people as I find them to be open, easy to talk to and become friendly with.

How often do you travel home, or is this your home now?

I travel back to the Netherlands once or twice a year but, for now, at least, I feel this is my home

Do you think you’ll ever return to live in your country?

For the moment I don’t have any thoughts of moving back to the Netherlands as I am very happy with my life here and have no plans to leave.

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