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from New Zealand to Rupià

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From Wellington in New Zealand to Rupià in Catalunya, Spain
From Wellington in New Zealand to Rupià in Catalunya, Spain

Michael Jones, originally from New Zealand, is the founder and master craft brewer at DosKiwis Brewing in Rupià, Baix Empordà, since 2019.

Where are you originally from?

I am from the North Island of New Zealand. My father worked for I.B.M. and we moved from Auckland to Tauranga to Wellington. The joke at the time amongst IBM people was that the initials stood for “I’ve Been Moved”

How long have you been living on the Costa Brava?

Since 2015.

Why did you leave your country?

I wanted to see more of the world. At the time New Zealand felt very small and isolated.

What made you move specifically to Rupià?

My partner is from the region. I met her while we were both living in London but we eventually decided to change city life for the countryside.

What do you work at?

Judit and myself together run the DosKiwis brewery just outside Rupià. We brew our own beer and also have a taproom and a food-truck. We opened the brewery in February 2019 and things started off well, but Covid-19 made the second year a lot more difficult. Hopefully things will start to improve again soon.

What do you like most about living on the Costa Brava?

It’s a beautiful place and has lots of character. It’s also well connected.

Favourite way to spend a day off?

Since starting the business we haven’t had too many days off, but when I get a chance I love going for a walk in the Gavarres or along the coast.

Some of Michael’s highlights about life in the Empordà
Some of Michael’s highlights about life in the Empordà

Do you have one particular favourite place?

DosKiwis in Rupià of course! But also Calella de Palafrugell and Cadaqués.

What’s your favourite food here?

I love arròs a la cassola and home made samfaina. The xuixos from Can Sans are delicious too.

What do you like most about Catalan culture?

El Tio, El Porró & la bona vida

Are your friends here mostly Catalan or foreign?

A good mix of both.

How often do you travel home, or is this your home now?

I haven’t had the chance to get back to NZ since we started DosKiwis, but I hope it won’t be too much longer till I can visit again.

Do you think you’ll ever return to live in your country?

At this moment in time, it doesn’t seem likely, but ya never know!

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