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Whether you live here, spend part of the year here or just holiday here, it helps to know about the practicalities of life on La Costa Brava. From the simple stuff, like how to order in a bar or restaurant, all the way up to the trickier things like getting all your paperwork in order if you live here or have a property here, we can help you find what you need.

As we keep producing more and more waste, we need to really up our game when it comes to recycling
Practical info

Recycling explained:
Costa Brava

Recycling on the Costa Brava has been made easy for us all with a simple colour-coded system telling us where to deposit each type of trash.

Some eco-friendly DIY spring cleaning tips
Practical info

10 D.I.Y.
Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning your Costa Brava home? Here are some DIY tips if you’re doing the job yourself, or just callCarlos and we’ll do it for you!

Movies and popcorn at the cinema: “Lights, camera, action!”
Things to See & Do

Costa Brava Cinemas
with V.O.S.E.

Can’t stand dubbed movies? Want to watch V.O.S.E? In Spanish cinemas most movies are dubbed, but some cinemas do show original version films

Mark those public holidays in your 2024 Calendar already!
Practical info

Public Holidays
in Catalunya: 2024

Unlike many other countries, Spanish public holidays are not standard across the country. Some holidays vary by region or even municipality.

Time to go folks, the bar is closed!
Practical info

Closing Time
in Catalan Bars

“Last call for alcohol!” Closing time in Spain can vary by region, day of the week, the season, or whether you’re in a city or a small town.

They’re all cervesas, but how to order the one you want?
Food & Drink

How to order beer
in Catalunya

Ordering beer in a bar in Catalunya isn’t too complicated once you know how, but don’t expect things to be the same in every bar you go into

Afternoon is “sleepy time” for old-school Spaniards!
History & Culture

Siesta Time
in Sleepy Spain

La siesta is a famous Spanish tradition that some foreigners living in Spain get used to quite quickly, but that others struggle to adapt to

Which is the way to go, bottled or tap water? The answer to that is pretty straightforward really
Practical info

Yes, you can drink
Tap Water in Spain!

Foreigners in Spain often ask “Can I drink the tap water?” The answer is yes – but water filters are definitely a good idea for many reasons

practical info
Practical info

Squatters in Catalunya

In the 1980s, squatters in Spain started an organized social movement called Okupas (from ocupación) that is especially strong in Catalunya.

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