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Stunning coastline and scenery aside, La Costa Brava is also renowned for its wonderful gastronomy, with seafood and local wines to the fore. From the simplest and most traditional local dishes to world-renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, La Costa Brava has something for every palate. And there are numerous culinary campaigns every year to help you sample it all!
Calonge’s Hills & Wineries
Things to See & Do

5 Wonderful Wineries
of Calonge

The area around the Costa Brava town of Calonge is full of lovely walking trails that just so happen to take you by some excellent wineries.

Some characteristically red Palamós Prawns
Food & Drink

Gambas de Palamós:
Palamós Prawns

Gambas de Palamós is a mark of quality and authenticity guaranteeing that only the finest of prawns fished off the Palamós costa are served.

The wines of Catalunya are making a splash around the world!
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Wonderful Wines
of Catalunya

Spanish wines are amongst the most widely consumed worldwide and certain Catalan wineries produce some of the finest wines in all the land.

Rice, just waiting to be turned into a paella!
Food & Drink

Our Favourite
Spanish Rice Dishes

Even people who have never visited Spain have heard of “paella”, but did you know that there exists a whole plethora of Spanish rice dishes?

Some calçots ready to be dipped in Romesco sauce
Food & Drink

Those Catalans
and their Calçots!

A calçotada is a basically a BBQ with lots of calçots and lots of meat. It’s great fun, even if a bit messy. Best not wear your best outfit!

Romesco sauce in Catalunya is typically prepared with ñora peppers, tomatoes, almonds and hazelnuts.
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Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce can be found at every calçotada and goes perfectly with both the calçots and the meat. Check out our recipe to make it at home

Tartiflette is a delicious cheesy dish for those chilly winter days.
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Tasty Tartiflette

Tartiflette is an easy-to-cook French dish made with Reblochon cheese that originated in Savoie in the Alps. Perfect for chilly winter days!

Traditional Catalan St. Stephen’s Day canelones de carne
Food & Drink

Canelones de Carne

On the feast of Sant Esteban on the 26 of December (St. Stephen’s Day) there is no more typical a dish in Catalunya than canelones de carne.

Pieces of turrón cut and ready to enjoy.
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Turrón: A Spanish
Christmas Treat

Turrón, in its many forms, is a typical traditional Xmas treat all over Spain, but did you know it was originally brought here by the Moors?

Paella con Mariscos, or seafood paella
Food & Drink

Seafood Paella

This easy-to-follow seafood paella recipe with prawns, mussels, clams & squid will have you producing delicious paella in your own home in no time.

A decadently delicious slice of chocolate and chestnut pie
Food & Drink

Chocolate & Chestnut
Pie Recipe

Seasonal autumn chestnuts combine delightfully with chocolate in this delicious chestnut and chocolate pie, perfect around Castanyada time!

Where the hell are those Catalan Craft Beers anyway?
Food & Drink

Searching for
Catalan Craft Beers

In recent years the craft beer scene has exploded throughout Spain, Catalunya included, with a growing variety of beer styles to choose from

A very tasting-looking bowl of pumpkin and mushrooms with bacon and rice
Food & Drink

Mushrooms, Pumpkin
with Bacon & Rice

Fall is the ideal time of year for this simple yet delicious recipe as the key ingredients are in season – mushrooms, pumpkin, and even rice

A variety of bolets freshly picked from an autumn forest in Catalunya
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Mushroom Hunting
in Catalunya

When autumn rains begin to fall Catalans traditionally “hunt” mushrooms, and some of the best spots are in the Pyrenean foothills of Girona.

Time to go folks, the bar is closed!
Practical info

Closing Time
in Catalan Bars

“Last call for alcohol!” Closing time in Spain can vary by region, day of the week, the season, or whether you’re in a city or a small town.

They’re all cervesas, but how to order the one you want?
Food & Drink

How to order beer
in Catalunya

Ordering beer in a bar in Catalunya isn’t too complicated once you know how, but don’t expect things to be the same in every bar you go into

A bowl of refreshing gazpacho is just the ticket on those hot summer days!
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Refreshing Gazpacho

When temperatures begin to rise in summer in Spain, it’s time to break out one of the most popular dishes of the season: Andalucian gazpacho.

Tasty authentic Spanish Albondigas (meatballs)
Food & Drink

(Meatballs) Recipe

Meatballs are a favourite all over Europe, and Spain is no exception. They are called “albóndigas” in Spanish, or “mandonguilles” in Catalan

Escalivada is a healthy grilled vegetables dish
Food & Drink

Escalivada: a truly
Catalan Recipe

Escalivada is a roasted vegetable dish very traditional in Catalunya. Its name comes from a verb in Catalan meaning “to roast in the embers”

DosKiwis Brewery and taproom in Rupià, Baix Empordà
The “Locals”

DosKiwis Brewing:
Catalan Craft Beer

DosKiwis Brewing of Rupià in El Baix Empordà is a fine example of the growth of craft brewing in Catalunya as beer tastes continue to change

Homemade pumpkin pie, a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.
Food & Drink

Pumpkin Pie

What could be more seasonal – and delicious – around Thanksgiving time than pumpkin pie? And the good news is that it’s pretty easy to make!

Healthy homemade sweet balls of fig and almonds in coconut and sesame.
Food & Drink

Spanish Fig and Almond Balls Recipe

There are lots of recipes using figs and this is one of the easiest. It takes almost no time at all and the ingredients are all easy to find

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