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Stunning coastline and scenery aside, La Costa Brava is also renowned for its wonderful gastronomy, with seafood and local wines to the fore. From the simplest and most traditional local dishes to world-renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, La Costa Brava has something for every palate. And there are numerous culinary campaigns every year to help you sample it all!

Calonge’s Hills & Wineries
Things to See & Do

5 Wonderful Wineries
of Calonge

The area around the Costa Brava town of Calonge is full of lovely walking trails that just so happen to take you by some excellent wineries.

The medieval village of Pals overlooking the Catalan countryside
Things to See & Do

Pals: A Magnificent
Medieval Village

Pals is one of the most charming of the many amazing medieval villages dotted around the Baix Empordà countryside. If you only see one, see Pals

Some characteristically red Palamós Prawns
Food & Drink

Gambas de Palamós:
Palamós Prawns

Gambas de Palamós is a mark of quality and authenticity guaranteeing that only the finest of prawns fished off the Palamós costa are served.

A spectacular view from the city walls of Girona
Things to See & Do

Girona City:
Top 10 Highlights

Charming, historic, compact and fascinating, Girona has been described as a smaller, safer, cleaner and more manageable version of Barcelona

“La Ruta dels Volcans” (or “Volcano Route”), makes for a fantastic weekend break in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Region of the Garrotxa.
Things to See & Do

Ruta dels Volcans:
The Volcano Route

“La Ruta dels Volcans” (or “Volcano Route”), makes for a fantastic weekend break in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Region of the Garrotxa.

Salvador Dalí sitting in his garden at his house in Port Lligat, Cadaqués - with a giant crab, as one does!
Things to See & Do

Salvador Dalí and
the Museum Triangle

​​​​The “Dalinian Triangle” museums (Figueres-Cadaqués-Púbol) capture the aura of Dalí, the Empurdan artist who left his mark on the region.

Movies and popcorn at the cinema: “Lights, camera, action!”
Things to See & Do

Costa Brava Cinemas
with V.O.S.E.

Can’t stand dubbed movies? Want to watch V.O.S.E? In Spanish cinemas most movies are dubbed, but some cinemas do show original version films

Blanes as seen from the Castle of San Juan above the town.
Things to See & Do

Tossa de Mar,
Lloret de Mar & Blanes

The southern end of La Costa Brava is home to three of its most famous towns: Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and Blanes, each one of them unique

Castell de Perelada is one of the most beautifully preserved in the region.
History & Culture

10 Cool Castles
of the Costa Brava

Girona Province is home to a number of spectacular castles; some medieval and some even older. Some are ruins and others perfectly preserved

Beautiful Baix Empordà countryside. Ideal for walking, cycling or hiking.
Things to See & Do

El Baix Empordà:
Top 10 Highlights

The Baix Empordà region on Girona’s Costa Brava has a wonderful variety of fantastic things to see and do. These are our Top 10 highlights.

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